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Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Nutrition for the Travelling Athlete
Travel is a large part of many competitive sports and can significantly impact an athlete's fueling strategy. In this module, exercise physiologists will learn some of the nutritional factors to consider with travel and how to provide athletes with nutritional interventions and strategies that help optimize performance while on the move. We review what kinds of foods are best for travelling, how to ensure food safety on the go, and the proper food service considerations. This module will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to support athletes while travelling any distance!
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Learn New Strategies

Learn how to develop, organize, and implement a nutrition strategy to help your athlete stay fuelled, hydrated, delay fatigue, decrease their risk of injury, and maintain their overall health.

Knowledge is Power

Share you knowledge to help your athletes build their confidence in choosing optimal fuelling and hydrating strategies for various training & competitive events.
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