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Sports Professionals

One thousandth of a second can make the difference between an athlete qualifying for a desired event or reaching a personal goal! Knowing this, are you comfortable offering athletes nutrition education if you may not be able to help them reach that goal?  Athletes at all levels put their heart and soul into their sport and we as health professionals owe it to them to offer the most current, evidence based nutrition information.  So join us for our education modules so you can help your athletes achieve their goal. 
Part 1 
The Basics 

Part 2 
Special Considerations 

Part 3 
Sport Specific Considerations & Sporting Events 

Part 4
Professional Development & Internship  

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 

Welcome to Performance Nutrition Academy! Are you ready to take your athlete's performance to the next level?  The following modules start with the basics to build an evidence based foundation and continue on with more advanced information to allow you to construct a nutrition strategy to help your athlete advance their performance, minimize risk for injuries, and maintain overall health. Learn at your own pace while obtaining evidence based information, real-life applications, and engaging activities. 

Individual Courses & Bundles 

Sport Professional's Membership

An Athlete's Crash Course

Embark on a transformative journey to optimize your athletic performance with our Athlete's Crash Course. This comprehensive program is tailor-made for athletes seeking to unlock their full potential through strategic nutrition. With a blend of short, dynamic videos, informative handouts, worksheets, and performance-enhancing recipes, this on demand course offers a fast-paced and engaging learning experience.
Individual Athletes

Team Packages 

Sports Professional's Membership


Parent, Guardians, & Billet Families  
Whether you are an athlete’s parent or billet family, caring for an athlete, student, and community role model is hard work! Being prepared with the evidence based knowledge you need is one of the best ways you can support your athlete thus enabling them to perform at their best, stay fueled for their daily activities, and maintain their overall health.
Not sure where to start? Performance Nutrition Academy will provide you with educational tips & tricks to help you to help your athlete build an effective nutrition strategy. 
Module 1
Introduction to Nutrition

Module 2

Module 3
Food, Grocery, and Menus 

Module 4

Module 5
Travel Nutrition 
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