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One thousandth of a second- can be the difference between an athlete qualifying for a desired event or reaching a personal goal! Knowing this, are you comfortable offering athletes nutrition education if you may not be able to help them reach their goals? Just remember- their goals may not be the olympics but for some- their own personal goal is just as important! This opening statement is not a simple scenario. Athletes at all levels put their heart and soul into their sport and we as health professionals owe it to them to offer the most current, evidence based nutrition information. 
Please note: There may be some variation between recorded lecture slides and downloadable PDF slides. Both versions represent the same evidence-based material on the topic presented; however, the layout may differ while we work to update the look of our materials.
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Learn New Strategies 

Learn how to develop, organize, and implement a nutrition strategy to help your athletes stay fuelled, hydrated, delay onset of fatigue, decrease their risk of injury, and maintain overall health. 

Knowledge Is power!

Share your knowledge to help your athletes build their confidence in. choosing optimal fuelling and hydration strategies for various training & competitive events. 
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