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Sports Professionals
Part 2

Special Considerations in Sport Nutrition
Welcome to Performance Nutrition Academy! If you understand and can apply the basics of sport nutrition and are looking to update your current knowledge Sports Professionals-Part 2 is for you.  
This set of modules outlines a large variety of special considerations health professionals should consider when working with the athletic population.  Some of these considerations include- making weight, weight loss/gain, RED-s, disordered eating or eating disorders, special consideration for various athlete populations and so much more.  So come join us for our all inclusive package or choose individual topics that interest you.   
Price $39.99 per course or $450.00 for our all inclusive package.
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What's Included?

  • Parts 1-4
  • 45+ Modules
  • Internship & Opportunities
  •  Videos & Lectures
  • Applicable Resources, Worksheets, & Handouts
  • Access to Our Instructors

Learn New Strategies

Learn how to develop, organize, and implement a nutrition strategy to help your athletes stay fuelled, hydrated, delay onset of fatigue, decrease their risk of injury, and maintain their overall health. 

Knowledge Is Power!

 Share your knowledge to help your athlete build their confidence in choosing optimal fuelling and hydration strategies for various training & competitive events. 
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